The transfer of knowledge within the framework of academic courses, courses at recognised institutes of further education and individually tailored seminars is an independent area of work at the Research Institute. This ensures that knowledge of the most recent developments reaches the relevant circles. Through sound basic knowledge and understanding, the ability to analyse legal and related technical problems and the ability to make the necessary decisions for a solution are conveyed.

Research Institute – Academy (RIAC)

In many cases, no specific advice is required, but an initial introduction or a refresher course in data protection law is sufficient. Thanks to our many years of experience and competence in the training sector, we can also convey our specialist knowledge to you in a comprehensible manner using modern methods. Of course, there will be time to address your practical questions and create added value for your company. In addition to the regularly offered dates, we also offer the opportunity to design individual workshops for your company together with you or to participate in webinars.

University teaching & external courses

Since 2015, teaching assignments for the courses “Legal Foundations in Research” and “Research Ethics”

Since summer semester 2010, lectureships in the modules “Fundamental Rights and the Media” and “Foundations of the Media Order in International Law”.

Since summer semester 2013: Lectureship on “The European Human Right to Data Protection”.

Since 2019 lectureship for the VO “Fundamentals of the Sociology of Law

Since 2008, lectureship in the module Fundamental Rights in the Training of Judicial Trainees
Ongoing provision of the courses The EU GDPR Compact; Privacy by Design & Privacy by Default; Data Protection in Marketing; and “Data Protection in Human Resources.