Our team is characterized by interdisciplinary expertise in law and IT. Many years of professional experience, persistent scientific work and constant further training are the basis of our skills.

Christof Tschohl
Christof TschohlWissenschaftlicher Leiter
Walter Hötzendorfer
Walter HötzendorferSenior Researcher, Senior Consultant
Markus Kastelitz
Markus KastelitzSenior Researcher, Senior Consultant
Robert Rothmann
Robert RothmannSenior Researcher, Consultant
Heidi Scheichenbauer
Heidi ScheichenbauerSenior Researcher, Senior Consultant
Andreas Czák
Andreas CzákOffice Manager
Jan Hospes
Jan HospesResearcher, Consultant
Barbara Kattavenos
Barbara KattavenosProject Manger
Michael Löffler
Michael LöfflerSenior Researcher
Elisabeth Mayer
Elisabeth MayerResearcher, Consultant
Madeleine Müller
Madeleine MüllerResearcher, Consultant
Philipp Poindl
Philipp PoindlJunior Researcher
Moritz Rothmund-Burgwall
Moritz Rothmund-BurgwallResearcher, Consultant
David M. Schneeberger
David M. SchneebergerSenior Researcher, Senior Consultant
Tünde Fülöp
Tünde FülöpLecturer at the Research Institute Academy
Georg Fröwis
Georg Fröwis
Christoph Diemberger
Christoph DiembergerOf Counsel