The Research Institute offers companies, NGOs and government organisations expert, efficient and solution-oriented advice on our core topics of data protection, artificial intelligence (AI) and IT compliance. In accordance with Leibniz’s principle of “theoria cum praxi”, the Research Institute aims to implement scientific findings in practice and to enrich its own scientific activities through practical experience. Additionally, the advisory activities contribute to the financing of the scientific activities. A selection of the Research Institute’s previous clients is listed below.

smart digital rights consulting

You constantly process personal data in your organisation, for example from employees, existing and prospective customers, suppliers or business partners. Ideally, the motivation for diligence and compliance in data protection lies in your own claim to be a reliable partner in the business world. A responsible company respects and protects the fundamental rights of the people in its sphere of activity. In a sense, the fundamental right to data protection is a catalyst for privacy, protection against discrimination, freedom of opinion and human dignity.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been binding since 2018, is now finally pushing the issue of data protection into the compliance area for large corporations, with penalties of up to EUR 20 million or 4% of global annual sales threatened. Companies of all sizes are well advised to familiarize themselves with the GDPR. We can assist you with this.

Data protection is not an end in itself, and interacts with many different legal and, above all, technological issues that ultimately determine a decision. Sound advice depends on the skills of the persons giving it. The consulting team of the Research Institute – Smart Rights Consulting consists of experienced interdisciplinary lawyers, who combine expertise in the fields of law, technology and economics individually and as a team, as well as experienced software developers in the field of IT security. Numerous publications, lectures, courses and research projects on data protection and IT security distinguish our consultants. Our many years of experience should be applied to your company in a way that is tailored to your needs. The individual consulting is in the foreground.

In this way you can ensure that you can control liability and image risks with our solutions. We also offer the development of tailor-made technical solutions for the practical implementation of your compliance processes. Thanks to our broad network in the Austrian and European research landscape, we are able to design and implement an individual and multidisciplinary project with the best available partners.

The Research Institute accepts consulting assignments in particular within the following subject areas:

Data protection management & GDPR Smart Mobility
Data protection in the healthcare sector Data protection in research
Information security & Security by Design Human Dignity by Design
Technical data protection & Privacy by Design Industry 4.0 & IoT
Data protection in software development Legal Informatics / Legal Tech
Labour law and data protection Identity Management
Data protection and education Human rights and environmental technology
Dealing with subject access requests etc. Codes of Conduct
Integrated Management Systems and Friendly Audits Fintech & Blockchain
Impact assessment & Risk management Big Data and data protection