Walter Hötzendorfer



Walter Hötzendorfer is a Senior Researcher at the Research Institute – Digital Human Rights Center in Vienna. He studied business information systems at the Vienna University of Technology and law at the Universities of Vienna and Sheffield. After working in legal consulting and software engineering, he was a Researcher at the University of Vienna Centre for Computers and Law from 2011 to 2016, where he worked in several national and international research projects and did a PhD on Data Protection and Privacy by Design in Federated Identity Management. Dr. Hötzendorfer advises various types of organisations on the implementation of the GDPR, is a university lecturer in Austria and abroad and the author of numerous publications on data protection law, privacy by design, privacy engineering, network and information security (NIS) and related topics. He is a member of the Data Protection Council of the Republic of Austria, a board member of the Austrian Computer Society (OCG), co-leader of the OCG Forum Privacy and a member of the OCG Certification Committee.

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