Portrait Markus Kastelitz - eine Mann im Anzug und mit Brille

Curriculum Vitae Deutsch


Markus Kastelitz, LL.M. is a lawyer with postgraduate training in IT law. He has a wide range of professional experience in Germany and abroad. Since 2017 he has been working as a senior researcher and senior consultant at the research and consulting company Research Institute – Digital Human Rights Center, specializing in data protection and IT law.

In his previous professional positions (MedUni Vienna, Parliamentary Directorate, German industrial group, RTR, University of Hanover – Institute for Legal Informatics), Mr. Kastelitz was particularly concerned with data protection and IT law issues (including as a data protection officer) and is the author of numerous publications on data protection law. Since 2015 he has been a “Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe” (IAPP). He was also initiator and co-founder of Privacyofficers.at.

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